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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Revised)


Lazy Mashup — Chingy + Bowie

I really don’t have the energy skills to take this all the way, but the amazing Q-Unit got me thinking. So: Chingy+Bowie (‘Chowie’?):

Famous Balla

Busby Berkeley Goes Mad, Pt. 1 (wave test)

I’ve been playing with harmonic / wave motion passing through an ensemble. This test imagines a hundred dancers, each fed a separate audio signal through (let’s say) a wireless earpiece, with the pitch corresponding to some axis of movement (in this example, vertical) and each dancer constantly adjusting to match their unique pitch. The fun thing is that it could be overlaid on existing choreography (whether set or improvised) as a sort of guide layer. Apologies for the horrible slide whistle, I’m not much of an electronic musician. Future directions: the dancers should be able to move about at will, and have their pitch track their position…

Live sketch is after the jump.

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Film Festival Bingo — Print It Out And Play

Click for high-res version


Update: blogTO highlighted TIFF Bingo in their annual TIFF Film Schedule post.

Instructions: use with your film festival program guide’s film synopses or descriptions. Click for high-res print version. Inspired by yesterday’s release of the Toronto International Film Festival program book. Designed (hastily) by me, written by Pam Steele, Margie Niedzwiecki, and me. I’m going to see if the boys at TIFF will offer any prizes…