Wingéd Review Roundup

NOW Magazine on the show: “Tomlinson takes the audience on a journey that begins with a stomach-churning fall and ends with transcendence…The design provides an added lift, with Sharon DiGenova’s lighting and Jacob Niedzwiecki’s video and imaging lifting us out of our everyday world.”

Eye Magazine: four out of five stars.

Plank Magazine: “Tomlinson’s insight into the damage love inflicts is piercing…”

Mondo Magazine: “The ceiling-video projections created by Jacob Niedzwiecki successfully enlarged the stage to include a sky and create a space for Tomlinson’s characters to fall and fly.”

Props to the whole amazing team I got to work with: David Tomlinson on lead bass & vocals, Diana Kolpak conducting, and Sharon DiGenova pushing photons like it was going out of style.

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