Hell Yeah! What The Fuck!

I can’t believe it’s taken this long. Not to design this blog—that didn’t take too long, it’s pretty straightforward—but to get around to creating it. It’s been a busy, um, few years. Just to make its first few minutes especially exciting, let’s give it the challenge I think all newborns should face upon their traumatic exit from the womb: Justify Your Existence. Aaaaand…go:

In any life-threatening situation, you become more essentially who you are. Your values become clear. Your principles are tested; those that don’t collapse become load-bearing elements. You develop, in a word, character. I might be young, but I’m old enough to know that living is a life-threatening situation, and in the course of doing it, I’ve been seeing one of the cores of my character (and my practice as an artist) more and more clearly.

Risk. Ask any dancer I’ve worked with. On every level of an endeavour and of my life, I embrace risk.

This blog is at heart an amplifier, a multiplier of risk. I learn from failure as much as from success. I learn more working in public than in private. Creating the risk of public failure on the biggest stage possible creates what for me is an optimal learning environment. So from now on, it all has to live online. Stage works, films, code, Processing apps, critical and personal writing, it’s all growing up in public now. The first ever (and currently only) YouTube comment on one of my works autotranslates ambiguously from Japanese as either “What the fuck” or “Hell Yeah”—maybe I’m crazy, but I’m happy with either.

I’ll be writing regularly, posting new works and works-in-progress, and putting as much of my work and myself on here as possible. Keep in touch: the mailing link’s in the sidebar.



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