Bastard Fugue

Bastard Fugue features Naoya Ebe of the National Ballet of Canada, and live camerawork by yours truly. It premiered at Fresh Blood, a group show of work by young choreographers hosted by The Chimera Project, on October 29th at the Enwave Theatre in Toronto. The piece is set to a Bach fugue for organ, arranged instead for mixed percussion, and uses live projection to explore fugue structure with a single dancer. Special thanks to Naishi (Kamen) Wang for his valuable participation in the creation process. More credits and special thanks after the jump.

Many people helped midwife this piece. Ryan Fontaine, Robert Stephen, Jeff Morris, and Jenna Savella donated critical eyes, helping hands, and their unfailing pluck and enthusiasm. Adam Pasquella and Emma & Randy Niedzwiecki got me to the church on time; John Coups and Brian Aitken generously shared their technical expertise; Sharon DiGenova was exactly the sort of psychic stage manager the piece needed; and Janelle Rainville and Barb de Kat were their fabulous, supportive selves. I have to especially thank Malgorzata Nowacka for hosting the show and believing in the work. Thanks also to Trinity Square Video, Théâtre français de toronto, Canada’s National Ballet School, and the National Ballet of Canada.

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