Ego Echo (beta installation)

Ego Echo Installation – beta test from Jacob Niedzwiecki on Vimeo.

Ego Echo is a responsive installation work. Inspired by classical trompe l’oeil perspective and audio samplers & loop pedals, it acts as a mirror, reflecting a room and the people in it and capturing and sequencing movement.

This video is from the work’s beta test at the end of my one-week residency at the 2011 Dance: Made in Canada festival. The construction & visuals are preliminary; the focus was on testing and experimenting with the core concepts. More than sixty people participated in the beta, putting the work through its paces and helping to refine the creative focus and technical mechanics of the piece. The video was shot using a GoPro Hero camera to show a first-person perspective of the work.

Ego Echo was coded in Processing with a Kinect, using SimpleOpenNI and GLGraphics. Music is Lou Reed’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties“ from Animal Serenade, which was pretty much on a loop as I was coding.

Thanks to all our audience members and testers; the fine gents who built the libraries above; Andrew Pimento and Niko Beaubien for their help with setup & strike; Greg Witz at Witz Education for his help; Stuart Baulch for being a great host; Jeff Morris for his excellent ideas and advice; everyone else who helped out; and Yvonne Ng and Janelle Rainville at Dance: Made in Canada for supporting the work.

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